Purpose and audience

This Managing Multiple Medicines (formerly Polypharmacy)  app and website provide information and tools to support healthcare professionals, patients and carers in making decisions about taking multiple medicines. It contains two toolkits:

 1. A toolkit for healthcare professionals 

 2. A toolkit for patients and carers taking multiple medicines 

  • This provides tools and information resources to support self-management and shared decision-making by patients and professionals during consultation  and medicines review. This toolkit will support patients to prepare in advance of meeting with their healthcare professional, and to follow up on key issues after the meeting. 

Both toolkits are freely available to all users. Professionals are encouraged to download the patient and carer toolkit as well as the professional one, so that they can guide and support patients in using the toolkit to self-manage and to participate in decisions about their medicines. Likewise, patients and carers can choose if they wish to read the detail of the national guidance in the professional toolkit. 

Why this app and website were developed

The care of people with multiple medical conditions is one of the greatest challenges now faced by the health service, as it can create overly complex health care for some of the most vulnerable in society. The vast majority of medical research, guidelines and contractual agreements has traditionally focussed on single targets for single disease states, whereas in reality most patients have multiple conditions, requiring multiple treatments.  The resulting polypharmacy (use of multiple medicines) can be appropriate or inappropriate and can potentially result in risks that outweigh the benefits of individual medicines.

To respond to this need to support professionals and patients and carers in working together to make decisions about taking multiple medicines, the Scottish Government Effective Prescribing and Therapeutics Branch has developed this app and website based on the national Polypharmacy Guidance: Realistic Prescribing, 3rd edition. This guidance highlights the need to make decisions about medicines based on outcomes that matter to the individual patient – as recommended by Realistic Medicine.

The app and website have been developed with extensive input from patients, carers and professionals through:

  • Feedback on patient and shared decision-making sections of the original polypharmacy app launched in 2018.
  • A review of the research evidence and a series of interviews with patients and professionals, to identify the most important outcomes for people taking multiple medicines.
  • A survey of patients and carers in two health boards – NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Ayrshire and Arran – to confirm priorities for a mobile app and website and to identify how best to support people who are not confident in using digital tools for health information.
  • Five workshops with combined patient and professional groups to gather input to development of the app and website and to capture feedback on initial mock-ups.


  • The Scottish Government Effective Prescribing and Therapeutics Branch will review content within the app annually and identify any requirements for updating.
  • Medicines information content extracted from NHS UK is updated as a minimum every 7 days.
  • Technical maintenance and updating of the app and website are carried out by Tactuum Ltd and funded through the national decision support programme led by the Digital Health and Care Institute.

Conditions of use


Scottish Government provides this app/website to benefit health and social care organisations across Scotland.  Each individual participating organisation which contributes resources to the app/website has sole responsibility for the information created or published by them. Any information appearing on this site is issued as general information and does not constitute a warranty by  the Scottish Government or any other  organisation, nor should it be taken as advice. No responsibility can be accepted by the Scottish Government or any other organisation for action or inaction as a result of information contained on this app/website. Users should take advice from health and care professionals in respect of specific situations. The use and access of pages of this app/website is subject to the terms and conditions set out below and by this disclaimer. By using or accessing this app/website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


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Reliability of information

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Governing laws

The terms and conditions of use of this app/website shall be governed by the laws of Scotland.


Development of this mobile app and website has been led and supported by the Effective Prescribing and Therapeutics Branch within Scottish Government, in partnership with the following organisations:

Digital Health and Care Institute: This app/website has been developed as part of the National Decision Support Programme funded by Scottish Government as a key objective within Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Strategy. The programme is delivered by the Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI). The app and website have been built using the Builder toolset provided as part of DHI’s Right Decision Service.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Library Network: As part of the National Decision Support Programme, NHS GGC Knowledge Services provided knowledge management and content management expertise to support use of Right Decision Service tools to build this app and website.

Tactuum Ltd – Provide the technology and digital expertise to deliver Right Decision Service tools for the National Decision Support Programme.

The Scottish Government Effective Prescribing and Therapeutics Branch and the Digital Health and Care Institute would like to thank the many patients, carers and health and social care professionals who have contributed their time, experience and expertise to support development of this app and website.


The app is compliant with Android and Apple accessibility standards for native mobile apps. The website is compliant with WC3A 2.0 Standards

Browser and operating system compatibility

The app is supported by Android 4.4 or later and iOS 8.0 or later devices. The website is optimised for use on both desktop and mobile devices in the following browsers - IE9+, Chrome, Edge, Safari.