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Here you will find guides and support to help you to find your way about the patient and carer toolkit. Use the Contact us  form to ask for more help or information.

Medicines reviews and the 7 Steps approach

Using the Manage Medicines app to prepare for your medicines review

The role of the pharmacist

Is the treatment right for me and what are the risks and benefits?

Digital flyer

Digital Flyer

A one page guide highlighting the key features of both the professional and patient & carer toolkits. Also contains QR codes for both apple and android stores.

How to guide

How to guide

This guide summarises the key features of the patient and carer toolkit including the medicines A-Z, questions for my review section and shared decision-making tools.

How to download the app

Download the app from the foot of the homepage of  or  search the app stores for “Polypharmacy” or “Manage medicines.”

A quick demo video is available here

QR codes:





How to move between professional and patient toolkits

Two toolkits are available -one for patients and carers; one for healthcare professionals. After downloading one toolkit, click on the menu icon (white horizontal bars) top right of any toolkit page. A black panel appears with a green cloud icon bottom right – click this to download or access the second toolkit.


If you already have the original 2018 polypharmacy app for healthcare professionals installed on your device, you should be prompted to update it when you next access the app. Accept the updates, and then use the menu icon (white horizontal bars) top right of any page on the app. A black panel appears with a green cloud icon bottom right – click this to download the new patient and carer toolkit.



Demo: Medicines A-Z

Medicines A-Z

(3 mins)

Find out how to use the NHS UK Medicines Dictionary to find out what your medicines are for, how to take them, who can and cannot take these medicines, possible side-effects and how to cope with them.

Demo: My Medicines

My Medicines 

 (3 mins)

This video shows you how to create a list of your medicines, add notes, and save the list to your app for future reference

Demo: Questions for my review

Questions for my Review

(Full version 11 mins)

(Abridged version 5 mins)

A step by step guide to using this toolkit to record information about your experience of taking medicines, and the issues that matter to you. It shows you how to send this information to your GP or pharmacist before and after your review. This will help you both to discuss the best approach to your medicines.

Demo: Decision-making tools

Decision-making tools 


How to access and use tools that use words and pictures to tell you how likely a medicine is to help you, and the chances of experiencing side effects. Use this section of the app to support discussion with your healthcare professional.